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PMI-ACP® Exam Prep Course  


            Actual Course Fee:  Rs.16,000 + 18% tax ; Early Bird Offer: Rs.14,000 + 18% tax

             Payment Link to pay using Credit/Debit Card: http://www.iipmchennai.com/shop/shop1.asp?Cid=191

                                         For Corporate / Group discount contact us @ + 91 9445232628 / + 91 9962562025

International Institute of Project Management (IIPM), a Global Registered Education Provider (REP) of Project Management Institute(PMI)®, USA is conducting PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam Prep Course (Public/ Corporate) in the weekends / weekdays / evenings totaling to 30 hours of Contact education covering Agile tools and techniques and Agile knowledge and skills. Other customized timings can also be worked out depending on the corporate client's convenience. This course fulfills the mandatory requirement of PMI for 30 hrs of training in Agile Project Management, before any one applies for the PMI-ACP® exam. (For PMI-ACP® certification eligibility criteria, please visit the website www.pmi.org)

Program Overview:

    This 3 days Program includes Introduction to AGILE methodologies, Implementation, Project life cycle, AGILE tools & techniques, AGILE knowledge and skills and practical examples from the field to help you to establish AGILE project management practices in your organization. This AGILE project management training will challenge your staff's thinking, introduce you to new management concepts and provide you with the essential principles necessary for professional / project success.

Who Should Attend?

    Project Managers, Team leaders/Members, Field Staff Members, Project Engineers, Design Engineers, Project Leaders and Administrators, Industrial Engineers, Program Managers, Manufacturing Engineers, Project Coordinators, Operating Managers, Functional Managers, Information Technology Professionals, Software Developers, Quality & Testing Engineers, Sales & Marketing Professionals, Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineers, Procurement Specialists, Event Mangers, R&D Managers & others involved directly or indirectly with Project Management.

Corporate Training's:

If you have a group of 10-15 for Agile Project Management Certificate Program, an on-site Program may be cost effective and will ensure fully confidential training. Becoming a PMI-ACP® is both a personal and professional accomplishment for your project managers.

Activity No.: IIPM-A-020

Activity Name: PMI-ACP® Exam Prep Course

Mandatory Education Contact Hour Awarded: 30 Contact Hours

PDUs Awarded: 40 PDUs (can be used towards PMP/PgMP Recertification)

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all attendees, which shall be presented to PMI® for the 30-hr training in Agile Project Management knowledge areas, when required.

Click here to see PMI Approval for contact hour education/ PDUs Approval

Course Duration:

3 days - 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Date: Click here to see Training Schedule

Course fee : Rs. 15,000 + 18 % tax.

[Course fee for PMI-ACP® includes Excellent course materials, PMI-ACP® 30-hr Formal Education Certificate, 40 PDUs, "IIPMPMPYAHOOCERT" -Yahoo group, Exam Prep CD, Question Bank, Mock Test, Case Studies, Lunch, Snacks, Post-training support]

Fee can be paid by DD or Check drawn on “IIPM Chennai” or can be wire transferred at least 7 days before the course start date.


T. Nagar, Chennai.


Day 1

 Introduction to AGILE methodologies

  • What is AGILE
  • History & Genesis
  • Manifesto & principles
  • Introduction to methodologies
  • XP
  • FDD
  • DSDM
  • Recap – Exam

AGILE implementation in an organization

  • AGILE features
  • Team composition
  • Team dynamics
  • Recap – Exam

Agile project Life cycle

  • Planning – portfolio level
  • Planning – project level (Releases and Iterations)
  • Executing
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Closing
  • Recap – Exam
  • PMI-ACP® Exam Content Outline
  • Professional Ethics & Code of Conduct

Agile project communications

  • Agile Information radiator
  • Agile Team space
  • Agile tooling
  • Osmotic communications for collocated teams
  • Osmotic communications for distributed teams
  • Agile Daily stand-ups
  • Recap – Exam

Planning, Monitoring and Adopting

  • Agile Retrospectives
  • Agile task and Kanban boards,
  • Agile Time boxing
  • Agile Iteration and release planning
  • Agile WIP limits
  • Agile Burn down/up charts
  • Agile cumulative flow diagrams
  • Agile process tailoring
  • Recap – Exam

Day 2

Agile estimation

  • Agile relative sizing/story points
  • Agile wide band Delphi /Agile planning poker / Agile affinity estimating / Team Estimation Game Method
  • Agile ideal time
  • Agile process tailoring
  • Recap – Exam

Agile analysis and design

  • Agile product roadmap
  • Agile user stories and backlog
  • Agile story maps
  • Agile progressive elaboration
  • Agile wireframes
  • Agile chartering
  • Agile personas
  • Agile modeling
  • Recap – Exam

Product quality

  • Agile frequent verification and validation
  • Agenda for the session
  • Agile test first development
  • Agile acceptance test-driven development
  • Agile definition of done
  • Agile continuous integration
  • Recap – Exam

Soft skills negotiation

  • Agile emotional intelligence
  • Agile collaboration
  • Agile adaptive leadership
  • Agile negotiation
  • Agile conflict resolution
  • Agile servant leadership
  • Recap – Exam

Value-based prioritization

  • Agile return on investment (ROI)
  • Agile net present value (NPV) / Agile internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Agile compliance
  • Agile customer-valued prioritization
  • Agile minimally marketable feature (MMF)
  • Agile relative prioritization or ranking
  • Recap – Exam

Risk management

  • Agile risk-adjusted backlog
  • Agile risk burn down graphs
  • Agile risk-based spike
  • Recap – Exam

Agile Metrics

  • Agile velocity
  • Agile cycle time
  • Agile earned value management (EVM) for agile projects
  • Agile escaped defects
  • Recap – Exam

Agile Value stream analysis

  • Agile value stream mapping
  • Agile Flow charts
  • Agile lean methodology
  • Recap – Exam

Day 3

Agile Knowledge and Skills (Level 1)

  • Active listening
  • Agile Manifesto values and principles
  • Assessing and incorporating community and stakeholder values
  • Agile Brainstorming techniques
  • Building empowered teams
  • Coaching and mentoring within teams
  • Agile Communications management
  • Feedback techniques for product (e.g., prototyping, simulation,
  • demonstrations, evaluations)
  • Incremental delivery
  • Agile Knowledge sharing
  • Agile Leadership tools and techniques
  • Prioritization
  • Agile Problem-solving strategies, tools, and techniques
  • Project and quality standards for Agile projects
  • Stakeholder management
  • Agile Team motivation
  • Time, budget, and cost estimation
  • Value-based decomposition and prioritization
  • Recap – Exam

Agile Knowledge and Skills (Level 2)

  • Agile frameworks and terminology
  • Building high-performance teams
  • Agile Business case development
  • Collocation (geographic proximity)/distributed teams
  • Agile Continuous improvement processes
  • Elements of a project charter for an Agile project
  • Agile Facilitation methods
  • Agile Participatory decision models (e.g., input-based, shared collaboration, command)
  • Value-based analysis
  • Recap – Exam

Agile Knowledge and Skills (Level 2)

  • Agile frameworks and terminology
  • Building high-performance teams
  • Agile Business case development
  • Collocation (geographic proximity)/distributed teams
  • Agile Continuous improvement processes
  • Elements of a project charter for an Agile project
  • Agile Facilitation methods
  • Agile Participatory decision models (e.g., input-based, shared collaboration, command)
  • Value-based analysis
  • Recap – Exam

Agile Knowledge and Skills (Level-3)

  • Agile contracting methods
  • Agile project accounting principles
  • Applying new Agile practices
  • Compliance (organization)
  • Control limits for Agile projects
  • Agile Failure modes and alternatives
  • Globalization, culture, and team diversity
  • Agile Innovation games
  • Principles of systems thinking (e.g., complex adaptive, chaos) · Regulatory compliance · Variance and trend analysis
  • Variations in Agile methods and approaches
  • Agile Vendor management
  • Recap – Exam


Domains in Agile project management

  • Value-Driven Delivery
  • Agile Stakeholder Engagement
  • Boosting Team Performance Practices
  • Adaptive Planning
  • Problem Detection and Resolution
  • Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People)
  • Recap – Exam

Key Deliverables:

  • Excellent Training Materials

  • Exam Prep Course Practice CD: 400+ Q&A

  • Industry oriented Practical Tips

  • "IIPMACPCERT" -Yahoo group - Free Subscription to all IIPM Patrons

  • Group Mock Test

  • 30 hours mandatory PM Education / Contact Hours Certificate, which fulfills the mandatory PM Education Requirements as per PMI®, USA.

  • 40 PDUs Awarded

  • Guest House for outstation candidates: IIPM can arrange for well-furnished, A/C Guest House accommodation for outstation candidates @ Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 2000/- per day extra. IIPM understands your needs. This is a special additional service to our outstation candidates.

  • Exam Oriented Tips & Traps

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