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  Manage your Construction Projects using Modern International Project Management principles, processes, tools and techniques from International PM Experts and ensure that your project is planned, managed and executed well “On Time and Within Budget”.

Who Should Attend

  This Course is a must for all General Managers, Asst. Vice Presidents, Project Managers, Program Managers, Project Executives, Construction/Site Managers, Procurement Managers, SCM /CRM Consultants, ERP / SAP
Professionals, ERP Functional Consultants, HRMS, Accounts / Banking Domain Consultants, EPC Contracts, Contracts Managers, , Planning Engineers, Marketing Managers, Business Analysts, Testing managers, QA/QC Managers, Business Development Managers, Procurement managers, Construction managers, and the Senior Management, who would like to see their projects successfully completed according to international PM practices.


The course consists of MORE THAN 10 EXCELLENT DELIVERABLES. Some of the key deliverables are:

* CCPM® Maturity Assessment - GAP assessment which presents the gap in knowledge of participants to put them in the right frame of mind about their current awareness of CCPM® Knowledge irrespective of field / experience -Optional.

* Excellent Training Material on construction project management.

* Additional Training Materials - One copy per participant.

* Industry oriented Practical Tips - Tips that carry lots of practical use.

* CASE STUDY applying the skills learned to a sample Construction project - Conducted at the end of the course - which has boosted the confidence of the participants to apply the learned concepts to practical use. From the group of participants, 2 volunteers will act as Construction Project Managers and will manage the project Live. The Faculty will moderate and act as the Owner of the project. Other participants will act as other Key Stakeholders.

* Examples/Templates linked to MS Project- Many Construction management terms are explained & linked to the relevant feature in MS Project to show the practical application - A unique feature of IIPM.

* CCPM® Simulated Test - A group test conducted at the end of the course which amply demonstrates the knowledge & confidence gained in the course.

* Access to an excellent library with 250 International books and journals on Project / Portfolio / Construction Project Management. The library can be used for further for references / research work on any topic in Construction Management.

* You will become a Certified Construction Project Manager at the end of course on successful completion OF A CASE STUDY AND A FINAL EXAM. THE EXAM WILL BE A OPEN BOOK EXAM AND FOR 2 HOURS WITH PASS MARK AS 60% TO AWARD THE CCPM® CERTIFICATE. All SUCCESSFUL participants will be awarded CCPM® Certificate at the end of the course.

* Guest House for outstation candidates: IIPM can arrange for well-furnished, A/C Guest House accommodation for outstation candidates @ Rs. 900/- to Rs.1400/- per day extra. IIPM understands your needs. This is a special additional service to our outstation candidates.

CCPM® Course Content

  • Introduction

  • What is a Project?

  • What is Project Management?

  • Various Types of Project/Contracts (LSTK/Unit Price/ BOOT/BOT/FFP)

  • Introduction to PM, MBE, MBO, MBP

  • Construction Project Lifecycle Costing

  • Project Management Processes

  • PM's Roles & Responsibilities

  • Project Organization Structures-Strength & Weakness

  • Construction Project TENDER/BID Management

  • Construction Project CONTRACT Management

  • Construction Project EQUIPMENT/SAFETY  Management

  • Case Studies

  • Certified Construction Project Manager (CCPM®) certificate will be awarded  on the 4th day.

Date:  Click here to see current Training Schedule

Course Fee: Rs 27,000 + 12.36%  S.Tax



For more details contact : marketing@iipmchennai.com
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