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Feedback - Six Sigma Online Course

  • Extremely happy with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course.
                                                                                                                             See feedback report from Edward Bachl, United States.
       Feedback Report  From   Edward Bachl
      Learning Experience :   Very Good
      User Friendliness :   Very Good
      Overall Course Structure :   Excellent
      Online Support / Response :   Very Good
      Tips and Traps :   Very Good
      How Useful FAEQ was? :   Fair
      Ari's Hints :   Excellent
      Study Mode :   Very Good
      Mock Test :   Very Good
      e-CARDS :   Very Good
      PM Maturity Assessment :   Very Good
      Additional Must-Reads :   Fair
      Templates :   Fair
      Glossary :   Not Yet Tried

  • Concepts were explained in a concise manner, Overall very well organized.
                                                                                                                               See feedback report from Emad Hassan, Saudi Arabia.
       Feedback Report  From   Rohit Rajaram Kulkarni
      Learning Experience :   Very Good
      User Friendliness :   Very Good
      Overall Course Structure :   Very Good
      Online Support / Response :   Excellent
      Tips and Traps :    Very Good
      How Useful FAEQ was? :   Fair
      Ari's Hints :   Excellent
      Study Mode :   Very Good
      Mock Test :   Not Yet Tried
      e-CARDS :   Useful
      PM Maturity Assessment :   Excellent
      Additional Must-Reads :   Not Yet Tried
      Templates :   very Good
      Glossary :   Useful

  • The course content is excellent and I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to enroll in Six Sigma studies and improve their knowledge base.
    It covers all aspects of study material required for Six Sigma course. The tests are well written and provide students with sufficient practice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Feedback report from Gazala Bagdadi, Georgia, USA.

  • IIPM SSGB Online study material helped me study at my own pace. Good description and clear examples to drive home the concepts. Overall the course is good and course material is well presented.
                                                                                                                                                               Thameem Ansari.

  • Six Sigma Online course contains wonderful lessons with suitable comments and additional notes by Ari. Very useful to understand concepts and helpful to use them practically in projects. Thanks to IIPM that I learnt many things about Six Sigma through the online course.
                                                                                                                      Sathya Narayanan. T.V. , Chennai, India.

  • Learning Experience and Ari's Hints were Very Good.
                                                                                    Feedback report from Sriram Swaminathan, Chennai, India.

  • This is an excellent training course. Additional situational questions will be useful.
    Feedback report from Pravin Puthran, Georgia, USA.

  • Templates and Glossary were Very Good.
                                                                               Feedback report from Ramesh Palaniappan, Brussels, Belgium.

  • Overall Course structure and Learning Experience were Excellent.
    Feedback report from Marc Wolenik, California, USA.

  • Mock Test and FAEQ were Excellent.
    Feedback report from Karthikeyan Shanmugasundaram, California, USA.

  • Online support and Tips and Traps were Excellent.
    Feedback report from Kavitha Seetharaman, Doha, Qatar. 

  • Feedback report Supratim Ghose, PMP, Bangalore, India.

  • The Online Six Sigma Course is a dual in one approach for professionals like us who want to gain 40 PDUs to renew the PMI credential as well as at the same time gain a LSSGB certificate. The course is well  organized with relevant examples and tools.
                                                                                                                         Pauline Jacqueline Aloysius, Singapore.

  • One more time I'm glad to express my gratefulness and satisfaction with all the help that was provided throughout my SSGB online course, which I recently passed and became a certified lean six sigma green belt professional.

    I still remember the advice of Ari last year and that was the trigger for me to enroll in this course which I honestly find it a very useful and comprehensive one and matches in its targets the vision and the plans of my organization.

    Thanks again for all the help and my sincere regards to all the team.
                                                                                                                                     Viken Derderian, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  • Overall a very good medium for learning and improvement.
                                                                                    Feedback from Rajasekaran Manoharan, PMP, United States.

  • Overall it is very informative and detailed course.
                                                                                                                     Feedback from Nilima Patwardhan, Oman.

  • Overall a very good medium for learning and improvement.
                                                                                 Feedback from Lakshmankumar Subramanian, Chennai, India.

  • I always had doubts over the online study mode for any course, but IIPM offering of six sigma online programs was different and removed all my doubts. I had good experience with this online program – especially with the non availability of time from our regular work activities to attend the classroom training. Ari’s hints helped in interesting reading and understanding the concepts of six sigma properly. The structure of the course also is very well designed. Thanks for all your help and support for enabling this online course.
                                                                                         Feedback from Rajasekhar Ravichandran, Chennai, India.

  • Overall the course content is excellent and the online support provided is also good.
                                                                                                                     Feedback from Hari Menon, Kerala, India.

  • It was very good overall. Thanks for putting up a very good show. Thanks again.
                                                                                  Feedback from Vimalanathan Nagarethinam, New York, USA.

  • Contents and other related stuff are really good as expected.
                                                                                         Feedback report from Sankaranarayanan Padmanabhan.

  • Feedback report from Shyam Radhakrishnan Nair.

  • Feedback report from Sreepal warrior.

  • One can learn whenever they want. Tests after each chapter are beneficial. A lot of very useful material one can use after the course. Easy learning.
                                                                                                                                               Alexander Balka, Australia.

  • Overall  it is very good course.
                                                                                                                    Feedback report from NG Man WAI, China.

  • Overall an excellent course.                                                                                                       Savio Soares, USA.

  • I had enrolled for SSGB and SSBB certification through online mode of study (since I travel frequently) and the course content was highly informative and illustrative. You have been doing a very good job - keep up the tempo!
                                                                                                                                           Vardarajan Sethuraman PMP.

  • The Course structure and information on online study was very useful and I'm happy
    on taking up the course.
    Viswaprakash Muthukrishnan.

  • I thought that studying Six Sigma can be confusing, however the way how its structured and defined in IIPM online course made it easier and more interesting than I would have thought, Thank you Ari and IIPM team for such valuable course.
                                                                                                                          Feedback Report from Viken Derderian.

  • The course is very good and very helpful.
                                  Feedback Report from Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Ismail Sirajudeen.

  • The course was excellent and covered a vast number of topics. I would be interested in attending more online courses.
                                                                                                                              Feedback Report from Nikhil Khasnis.

  • It was indeed a great experience. The presentation and the overall course structure was very good. The course is highly effective and has helped me to improve my level of understanding.
    Feedback Report from Kartik Thakkar (PMP,ITIL) Siemens.

  • It was a very good learning experience to go through your 6 sigma program.
                     Feedback Report from Ganesh Kamath, PMP, UAE.

  • My overall experience with this course was excellent. I will definitely recommend to my friends and coworkers.
                     Feedback Report from Sai Subramanyan, PMP, USA.

  • It helped a lot to understand Six Sigma Concept.
                       Feedback Report from Ranganathan Natarajan, PMP.

  • Your course is Excellent. It is useful for Project Management. It is informative.
                   Feedback Report from Srinivasa Rao Vadlamani, PMP, USA.

  • It’s been great experience to learn six sigma green belt online course. It has improved my thought process on process improvement. I am sure that it will help in my career.
                     Feedback Report from Mahesh Balasubramanian, PMP.

  • I have completed 42 hours of study. My total experience with this site is good and I have some suggestions:

    1.  Ari's hints are very very helpful. Please add more hints.
    2. If you can explain all mathematical formulas with examples, that is very helpful to the learners.

                    Feedback Report from Satish Polisetty, PMP.

  • Overall the course has provided a deep understanding of Six Sigma and helped to understand practically.
    Feedback Report from Srikanth Swaminathan, PMP.

  • The course is so nice and easy to understand the concepts.
    Feedback Report from Salem Mahaboob Saliha Sheriff, PMP, Saudi Arabia.

  • I completed 40 hours of study. Over all the learning experience was good.
                    Feedback Report from Venkatanathan Dwarakanathan, PMP.

  • All test(s) currently do not have an option for understanding the right answer, which is a usual (useful) option available in all online courses. That is the only way students will understand their mistakes.
    Feedback Report from Preethi Narayanan, PMP.

  • Feedback Report from Sudhir Moola, PMP, USA.

  • Overall, I liked the way Six Sigma course was structured.
    Feedback Report from Michael Reczek, PMP, USA.

  • You should come up with new online courses we really appreciate that.
                   Feedback Report from Shajan Leela, PMP, California, USA.

  • Overall, I am quite happy with the value provided by IIPM Chennai Six Sigma Green Belt course. I have already recommended this course to some of my colleagues.
        I will also like to express my appreciation for the guidance provided by Ms. Chitra on my Six Sigma project.
                                                                                          Feedback Report from Saikat Nandi, PMP, USA.


  • Kudos for the GOOD & GREAT you are doing. Keep It Up. 
                                                                                                     Feedback Report from Kalaiyappan Subbiah, PMP.

  • Though I have opted to online because of time constraints, I feel some personal contact classes would be more helpful. Some more test cases / live case study would have made the course richer.

    I am happy of the personal response / help from IIPM.

                                                                                                              Feedback Report from Monikandan M S, PMP.

  • Feedback Report from Shridhar Inamdar, PMP, USA.

  • I really enjoyed the course and it was a very good refresher for me.
                                                                                                   Feedback Report from Karthik Subbaram, PMP, UK

  • .
  • Good course.                                                                       Feedback Report from Sreenivaspamidi, PMP, USA.

  • Overall its an excellent experience and gained a lot out of this course.
                                 Feedback Report from Ravikumar Murugesan, PMP.

  • My experience in online study is really good. This is useful for the working professionals who can study online in their convenient time. Thanks for your great work. Of course, there are some areas you cannot match with class room study environment. somehow this is best handled by Ari's comments. My suggestion for improvement is to have Flash / Audio enabled contents which makes online Study experience better. Now-a-days, I am seeing lot of websites offering audio files, that we can download into walkman / mobile phone and listen when we get time. May be you can consider these kind of channels in future ...
                      Feedback Report from Saravanan Shanmugam, PMP, Singapore.

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